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Calling all fans of idol group Dalmatian! It has been confirmed by one of their members today that the group is set to make a comeback this year.

In a recent post on his official homepage, Dalmatian's Youngwon updated his fans of his current acitivities as well as a comeback announcement. Starting off, Youngwon stated that, "My loving Dalmates !!!!!!! My lovely Dalmates~!! You’re listening, right~?!^^ I was really, really, really touched and thank you so, so much!!! Because of our Dalmates, we were able to be proud! And we were more confident than ever!!!! "

He also talked about their recent appearance on Idol Sports Competition and thanked their fans for being present at the event.

After a lengthy chat on how thankful he was for their fans, he closed his message with an interesting announcement. By the end of his post, Youngwon announced that, "Ah and! For our loving Dalmates, a surprise present~^^! And anticipate the next album!!!!! An awesome Dalmatian album, anticipate it!!!!^^ㅎCominng soon. Anticipate October!^^ We’ll sweep them away!^^ Dalmatian, Dalmate, hwaiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^"

As of the moment, their entertainment agency has not sent their official announcement or more details of the group's comeback, but it seems that Youngwon broke the news first.




Source: dalmatiaMF and dalmatian

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