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Recently garnering interests for their stage performances for their comeback track, "So Cool", SISTAR has released the practice video of their whole choreography.

Earlier today, Starship Entertainment updated their official Youtube account with the practice video of their latest track. All four members were seen rehearsing with their high heels and hot pants, similar to the sultry comeback concept they have.

Fans of the quartet have left numerous comments on their Youtube page such as, "The dance is like the song, so cool! I wanna learn!! And their legs damn slim! Omg jealous!", "The killer heels that they always wear during practice! love how they rock it!" and "I like their dance studio! Sistar hwaiting! (:"

Just recently, the group received praise from netizens for their amazing live vocals after a MR video of "So Cool" was uploaded online.

Here is the clip of SISTAR rehearsing for "So Cool."





Source: StarshipTV

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