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On August 5th, Girls' Generation celebrated the fourth anniversary of their debut. Six of the members, Seohyun, Tiffany, Yoona, Yuri, Taeyeon, and Sooyoung, left messages and pictures for their fans on SMTown's official website to commemorate the occasion.

In 2007, Girls' Generation debuted with the single "Into The New World", and would later release their first full album, "Girls' Generation". An infamous group of anti-fans called STAND attacked the group, and they were boycotted and taunted by other fanclubs during 2008's Dream Concert. However, with 2009's "Gee", Girls' Generation found overwhelming success, going on to release several high-selling albums and mini albums and star in countless CFs. They have held two solo concerts, 2010's "Into The New World" and their 2011 Japanese arena tour to promote their first Japanese album.

The girls' messages, translated into English, are reprinted below:


From Taeyeon:

Annyeong!!!!!!! I go by T AE Y EO N!! 'ㅡ'//
Everyone! It's been 4 years since SNSD has been born!
Whaa everyone clap!! Hekhek *clapclapclapclapclapccCCLLAPLAPLAPSAHCLAPsClap!Clap!*
These 4 years you guys have been earnestly supporting us, thanks for giving us strength. As expected, you fans are our source of strength.
Recently...I've watched all of the AAGG DVDs^^
I'm sure you've all watched them too right?
Just going through all of them really made me feel the 4 years that have passed little by little!!
Why'd they put old videos?? Huh???..

To the people who supported us from our debut..and to the people who have recently started to take an interest in us...
You all are appreciated and precious to us!
For those, in which only we have been receiving from..Always..give us a chance to reciprocate^ ^okay?
This 4th anniversary...I want to give out a deeper meaning~
And so I guess I'll have stop up to here..
'cause I'll write mooooorrreeee for next year's 5th anniversary. Hehehe
Congrats SONE^^^ Congrats SNSD!!!!!!!!!
Ah, this feeling is great.


From Tiffany:

As a 4th anniversary present, Ppani's birthday party unseen cut, ta-da! keke
(Sica was absent..)ㅠ
Still! Happy 4th to my girls & my SONE^^
Today is 'our' dayyyyyyy~

From Yuri:



Wahhhhhhhh it's been 4 years already^^^^^^^!!!!!
The speed of time I felt is the same that our fans felt are probably the same, right?!
Us~ knowing that we feel the same way now..
Is something that is known without being confirmed^^?!! Yoyoyoyo!!

It's fast, right?!!..
Honestly, I felt that it was really fast when it was our 1st anniversary.. But we've been together for exactly 4 times that amount.. Woooow it's probably grown a lot~
From memories we've shared, to the depth of how much we think of one another..
I'm thankful.. So much that it can't be expressed...!
You have no idea how happy and thankful it is to have people that cheer you on no matter where you are and what you do.

Not too long ago, in the waiting room, my kids~ members^^!
I glanced at all of their feet~ And my heart wrenched a little~ ㅠㅡㅠ
After running around and practicing in heels for a concert that runs over 3 hours
our feet have scars and there are times that our bodies feel like they're about to break..
Then they can bleed and bruise, and sometimes break, too~^^

But still.. It's because we have to do it..
I saw my members' feet that are wrecked and calloused feet~
Looking closely, they were really all worn~
From the shape of their feet.. toenails.. unlike how soft they used to be in the beginning..
But as if we felt the responsibility of having to do it again
they worked to somehow cover up any traces of hurting^^

And then... Without much choice, we left for a 10-hour airplane trip with our swollen bodies and faces,
with our worn out bodies, we smiled with our teeth showing for bursting flashes
Smiling as much as we could for fans that were waiting and cheering for us to show our thanks, we felt a little pain...
Pain...pain..?! No! Cute pain!
These insignificant made it so we could express it as cute pain...
Fans that made the cute pain not even feel painful at all..
Thank you to any fan that watched and cheered for SNSD at least once!!
I want to repay these feelings..
I think giving just as much love as I received back will take a lifetime..^^?!
So if you want to enjoy my repayment, it will take at least 14 years...
Until then.. You have to stay by my side, okay!? Thank you, and thank you again, again, and again!
Please care and give lots and lots of love to our members, and our staff members~~~~~~~~~
I will do the same^^!! Yab

From Sooyoung:



Wondering if there's a new post, you refresh the homepage
SONEs clicking until their 1st backbone becomes the 9th...
You looked behind you, didn't you? hehe.. Not there, but up, above... Peek-a-boo!!
It's cheerful princess Sooyoung!! kekeke
Ack, it's been a while so my fingers are curling a bit hehe
You're doing well, right? I miss you again after seeing you all a while ago... heh heh
It's our 4th anniversary!! heh heh Time really flies~
The times we rode around the Soshi bus yelling 'Right now, it's SNSD!' is still fresh in my mind..
You all really made right now SNSD.. Thank you ㅠㅡㅠㅡㅠㅡㅠ..
Because I'm so thankful, I always think about what I can do, but the results are always the same.
That's me just staying the way I am~ That's what you all want, right? keke
It's the best present I can give you!!
Being healthy, and thankful as I am now, but not being sorry
I just need to continue on like this, right?
How do I know this so well? keke Because it's what I expect from you all~~
I assumed that's what you expect as well hehe.. You always have to be healthy! Your health is the best ;)..
Don't fall somewhere like I do... kekeke
Don't get hurt.. Have a healthy body and heart.. Take care and on the day we appear on our comeback date
High kick through the roof byebyeshyoongshyoorooboongshyoong
Everyone, bring a broom. I requested a firebolt a long time ago, but still haven't gotten it....
Hehe I love you and thank you

-To celebrate the 4th anniversary with iSONEs far away, I hope that skilled SONEs will translate and spread this.. From ddooyoungie (shy)

From Yoona:




♥NE~~ It's already been 4 years since we met!!^^
Time really flies.
We've been busy with our concert and going to Japan
but we're really happy because it seems you guys have continued loving and waiting for us~
We cried and laughed, and there have been lots of memories the past 4 years
Let's make more happy memories in the future^^
And don't forget the first time we met! hehe
I feel everything SNSD was able to accomplish was because it was done with the fans
so I'm always thankful and sorry..
We'll work hard to prepare a greater us to repay you all!!
Thank you so much for always waiting and loving us♥
i love you, too~~~^^

From Seohyun:



Hello~ This is SNSD's maknae Seohyun^^

Today is SNSD's 4th birthday~!
Enjoyable moments, happy moments, tiring moments from the past 4 years..
Because all nine of us have SONEs
although it is a long time, looking back, every day was special and a good experience
which is how we could go through it all..

Young, immature girls that didn't know anything
grew making many dreams come true for 4 years
and learned and felt many things.
Despite us not being perfect, I honestly thank you all for
loving and supporting us equally.

It's only been 4 years!!
We want to make bigger dreams come true through your love and strength!!
SONE! Until SNSD becomes 40 years old..
I hope we can make memories together.. Forever^^

With SNSD in your lives, and SONEs in our's
we've been very happy, and until the day we can reminisce..!
We will work harder!!
Right now it's SNSD♥

Sources:, nincomboob, via koreaboo and Soshified



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