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Blackjacks have discovered that 2NE1 appeared on MTV's Music Meter chart, an unconventional music chart created in December 2010 that appears on the network's website and in apps available for smartphones and iPads. According to MTV, this chart is an alternative to sales-based or radio play-based rankings and ranks musicians based on "social media buzz, streams on video sites, and radio and sales data, providing a real-time portrait of up-and-coming and talked-about artists". A spokesperson for MTV further explained the purpose of the chart by saying, "You have lots of chances to discover music by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, so when we were thinking about what we wanted the Music Meter to be, we thought of it as a discovery tool people can come to and find new music."

2NE1, who ranked seventh on the chart, are not only the first Asian artist to appear in the top ten, but the first female artist to achieve such a ranking. The girl group has certainly had lots of "social media buzz" lately, with the chart-topping release of their newest mini album last week, as well as music videos for "Hate You" and "Ugly". Musicians such as Mike Posner ("Cooler Than Me") and Neon Trees ("Animal") have previously appeared on the Music Meter chart.

At the time this article was published, 2NE1 was 30th on the chart. Cube Entertainment's girl group, 4minute, was also on the chart, ranking 47th place.



Sources: ygladies, MTV, and MTV Music Meter

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