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On July 11th, Tower Records Japan revealed in a press release the top-ranking K-pop albums and singles for the first half of the year (ending June 30th).

Check out the rankings below. Between the two rankings, SNSD had the most releases that made the chart with three albums and one single. Big Bang, including GD & TOP, came in a close second with three albums.

Top 10 albums
1. SNSD - "Girls' Generation"
2. KARA - "Girl's Talk"
3. Big Bang - "BIGBANG2"
4. GD & TOP - "GD & TOP Vol. 1"
5. FT Island - "Five Treasure Island"
6. Big Bang - "Big Bang 4th Mini Album"
7. CN BLUE - "First Step"
8. SNSD - "Hoot"
9. SNSD - "Into the New World"
10. "You're Beautiful" OST

Top 10 singles
1. SHINee - "Replay ~Kimi wa Boku no Everything~"
2. KARA - "Jet Coaster Love"
3. Jang Geun Suk - "Let me cry"
4. SNSD - "Mr. Taxi / Run Devil Run"
5. 2PM - "Take off"
6. BEAST - "Shock"
7. MBLAQ - "Your Luv"
8. BEAST - "Bad Girl"
9. Supernova - "Kuriunnare"
10. Super Junior - "Bonamana"

Furthermore, TVXQ placed on Japanese charts, ranking 11th place on the chart for top 20 albums with "Keep Your Head Down" and 6th place on the singles chart for "Why? (Keep Your Head Down)". TVXQ has proven to have a strong presence in Japan, considering it has placed on both Japanese charts while competing against local artists.

What do you think about these charts and the success of these artists in Japan?

Source: Tower Records

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