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Despite the delay in its release, T-ara has finally unveiled their "Roly Poly" music video to the awaiting public! "Roly Poly" has been revealed to be a 10 minute long drama music video, with part one released today. The drama music video was directed by Chae Euntaek and features Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin as the stars of the music video.

"Roly Poly" features a retro concept that has even been applied to the music video. The teaser was released last week and featured the "Saturday Night" retro concept to fans, who have reacted positively to their new looks. The song has a 70-80s concept with a disco sound, but a retro feel. The melody and arrangement of "Roly Poly," also known as "Bo Beep Bo Beep 2," is said to be a very addictive song. Officials said that the song is set to appeal to a wider audience.

In addition, it has been reported that the seven-member group will be accompanied by 20 dancers on stage, similar to the 70s and 80s retro trend of the Hustle, diamond, and ABC dance.

"Roly Poly" features Im Yejin and Jeon Youngrok (Boram's father) in the music video.

The music video begins with a story, as a woman is remembering her youth. She puts in a video of her in the past with her friends (T-ara). The girls of T-ara go to retro club where they perform. The members try to set Boram up with Noori from Co-ed but it doesn't end up working. In the end the members have a dance contest at the retro club. The entire video is a flashback of the woman's past.

The "Roly Poly" music video will be released as a two-part video with Part 1 just released today and Part 2 released on July 4th at 10AM KST.

T-ara will have their comeback stage this week on Mnet M! Countdown on July 1st and will also be preparing for their big Japanese debut.




Source: Newsen and LOENENT via koreaboo

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