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After a few months of hiatus, Nell is ready to return to the music scene with a new work titled "Ocean of Light."

On May 21st, Woollim Entertainment released a 60-second music video trailer for Nell's comeback. It features their signature musical style with a focus on showing off their talented instrumentation. However, no vocals are present in this short teaser.

The video features the band members overlapped with an ocean setting, giving the illusion that they are performing under the water.

Although there is no official comment on the video, fans speculate that this is Nell's version of Infinite's popular song "Man in Love." Take a listen and tell us what you think!

A release date also appears to be ambiguous as the video merely states "2013 June," but keep your eyes on Koreaboo as we give you the newest updates!

Source: woolliment

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