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The short PV for Girls' Generation's Japanese song "Beep Beep" has been released!

Complete with bright colors, pink telephones, and cute outfits, the music video gives off a youthful and cheerful vibe. Also featuring simple choreography that imitates the motion of picking up a phone, the PV shows Girls' Generation trying to connect with someone on the phone.

"Beep Beep" is the B-side track for the group's Japanese single "Flower Power." The full PV for "Beep Beep" will be released on April 5th.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation recently finished promotions for their Korean comeback "I Got A Boy", and some members such as Sooyoung, who is preparing to star in a new television drama, are pursuing solo activities.

Check out the short PV below, and stay tuned for the full version!

Source: universalmusicjapan and Girls' Generation JP

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