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SHINee recently performed at Dream Concert 2011 and sharp-eyed netizens noticed something different with Taemin’s nose.

Fans compared pictures taken at the concert to his photos from the past and noted a difference in the shape and slope of his nose. Some netizens commented that the difference comes from Taemin’s makeup and camera angle, while others think that Taemin had gotten an injection.

Check out the comparison below – do you think anything was done to Taemin’s nose?






Source: taemaholic, morgenderper, and fuckyeahleetaemin

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    icearrow   2011.06.09 14:13:45  
    22222 This is what I want to say. Why does people talk a lot about personal issue?? He is cute and handsome anyway.
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    AthenaBaby   2011.06.09 13:26:33  
    BOOOO! BOOO! Taemin is beautiful. Personally i don't think he got a nose job. I mean i CAN see a difference in the last couple photos. But to me. His nose always looks different at different angles. And Ya know theirs this thing called PHOTOSHOP. Geez. And i don't know why people get so into these things. Even if he did get one. It's none of your business. Its his personal issue. So everyone should just shut the front door about Taemin and his nose. <3 He's gorgeous ether way. <3 <3 <3