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The third Monday of May Koreans celebrate the 'Coming of Age Day'. Meet the idols who are congratulated this tear.

On this day every boy and girl who turn 20 this year, which means the ones who were born on 1991, make a transition from being minors and finally become adults.

Usually the new adults receive roses and presents, usually the girls get perfumes, which are given by their family members, friends and of course idols also rceive them from fans.

Here is the list of k-pop idols who are celebrating this year.


2AM – Jin Woon
2NE1 – CL
After School – Nana
A Pink – Cho Rong
BEAST – Dong Woon
C.N. BLUE – Jung Shin and Min Hyuk
Dalmatian – Daniel
Dal Shabet – Ji Yool and Ah Young
F.CUZ – Kan
F.T. Island – Jae Jin
Girls’ Generation – Seohyun
Infinite – Woo Hyun, Sung Yeol, and Hoya
KARA – Hara and Nicole

miss A – Min
Rainbow – Hyun Young
SHINee -Key and Minho
SISTAR – Hyorin
UKISS – Kevin, Eli, AJ, Hoon, and Ki Seop
ZE:A – HyungSik


source: mtvk

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