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SM Entertainment issues another statement about the recent incident involving Hyoyeon and warns that they will take legal actions against rumours and reports being published.

On April 2nd, SM Entertainment spoke out against rumours about the incident Hyoyeon was involved it last March 30th, which led to a police investigation. Despite being clear for the alleged assault charge, speculations circulated online talking about the supposed real reason behind the investigation. The agency voiced out that they will take legal action towards the publication and dissemination of this baseless story and requested the perpetrators to remove the published posts made on social networking sites, blogs and more before they start reviewing their plans.

Just yesterday, news broke out that Hyoyeon was being investigated by the Yongsan Police Station after a male friend accused her of assault. However, the case was immediately clear after succeeding interviews allowed the friend to acknowledge that Hyoyeon might not have hit him on purpose.

SM Entertainment has issued a statement and apologised for the misunderstanding since then, acknowledging that the issue was resolved with the two parties only sent off with a warning. Hyoyeon was cleared with the alleged assault charge with the agency further clarifying that Hyoyeon wasn’t romantically involved with the male friend in question.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

Source: OSEN

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