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Oak Joo Hyun from "I am Singer"

"Musical Diva" Ock Joohyun has made her long awaited return to the music industry after being on hiatus for 5 years. 

On January 17th, the former FinKL member released the digital single "Hemostasis." Since the release of her 3rd album in 2008, Ock Joohyun has been busy participating in musicals as well as MBC's "I Am A Singer." After showcasing her talents to the viewers of "I Am A Singer," she is now prepared to promote as a solo singer with a new album.

Producer KZ and lyricist D'DAY participated in the creation of her newest single, incorporating pop ballads, musicals and classic elements in the song, creating a hybrid ballad track.

You can purchase her new track at MelOn. 

 New Daily Via

Picture Source: Youtube Capture

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