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SNSD may also disband?

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by bigangel on Mar 04, 2011 at 03:12 pm


On the recent publication of Japan’s weekly magazine "Real Live", they wrote an article with title, "Wasn’t it just KARA? SNSD may also disband".

"Real Live" wrote, “The problems arose from differences in schooling. The group was divided into high school graduates, college students, and Americans.” And that “because seven of the nine members are 21 years old, there is a quite a bit of rivalry.”

“The lead vocalist Taeyeon and Hyoyeon are high school graduates, and Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun are college students. Tiffany and Jessica were born in America.” Also, “the college group is jealous of the fact that Taeyeon of the high school graduate group is being favored. The Americans have a weird sense of pride that is hard to handle.”

"Real Live" also mentioned controversial issues that had happened in the past such as the video of Yoona lifting Tiffany’s skirt, to the rumor of Jessica cursing at Seohyun, as well as Hyoyeon’s quote from the talk show WinWin regarding how it used to be awkward for her and Taeyeon.

The article ended by, “Because SNSD saw the ramifications of DBSK’s disbandment, they know that it’ll become difficult for them to continue to work if they were to betray their agency. It is unlikely for them to end up like KARA, but there is a high possibility of one or two members withdrawing from the group. “

Sones who are in rage commented, “This is ridiculous,” and “They wrote this because of an inferiority complex as a result of the Hallyu wave.”


Source:Sources: My Daily News and Star News + Paran and Soompi

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