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It was revealed earlier today that boy group Big Bang is set to go to New York soon for the shooting of their new music video. Even though YG has been careful with spending money from his company, they will be making the group's comeback MV a grand-scaled production.

After their Korean concerts in March, and their comeback with a new mini-album, the group is also set to have a world tour. They'll be visiting Asian countries through the first half of the year, while Europe, North America and South America will be visited in the second half of 2012. For these concerts, YG will be working together with well-known company Live Nation.

Yang Hyunsuk also mentioned that he views Big Bang as six teams. While they have the full group as a whole, all five members can stand on their own. They focus when they're working on solo releases, but they're a team when they tour and promote together. Talking about the solo releases, it was revealed that the first one to release a solo album later this year would be Daesung. "We plan to start solos with Daesung. I want all the scars he got last year to be washed away soon."

Will you be anticipating Big Bang's new MV as well as Daesung's solo release?

Source: BigBangUpdates and My Daily

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