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On January 5th in Korea, BEAST's Yoseob celebrated his 23rd (22nd internationally) birthday. At midnight, Yoseob tweeted, "Yoseob-ah Happy Birthday to you! ♥" He then replied to himself, "Thank you Yoseob-ah heuk heuk."

Following Yoseob, Kikwang tweeted, "Today is Yoseob Yoseobie's birthday. Please join me in congratulating Yoseob. Congratulations!" Yong Junhyung tweeted the message, "Yoseobie, congrats. I love you." Jang Hyunseung who is currently promoting with Hyuna as "Trouble Maker" tweeted, "Yangyo yangyo yangyo on your birthday congrats congrats congrats. You seriously can't stop now." The youngest member of BEAST, Dongwoon, tweeted, "Yoseobie-hyung happy birthday!! I'm coming to you!"

Additionally, for Yoseob's birthday his fans made numerous donations. The fancafe "BEAST Soul Mate" donated a total of 3.5 million won (approximately $3,041 USD), to children with a rare incurable disease. Two million won was donated in the form of cash, while the other 1.5 million won was through Naver's Happy Bean charity campaign.

In addition to the monetary donations, fans also sent 13 calendars for Yoseob to sign personally before giving them out to the children. The members of the fan cafe stated, "We want Yoseob's 23rd birthday to be filled with happy memories."

Netizens commented, "Happy birthday to BEAST's main vocalist, Yoseob," "Yoseob's fans are the best," and "Congratulations on your birthday and having such a great fanbase!"

Yoseob and the rest of BEAST will be beginning their 2012 BEAUTIFUL SHOW World Tour with their stops in Seoul at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on February 4th and 5th.

Source: The Star Chosun and Newsen

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