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Big Bang's TOP was offered the lead role for an upcoming drama project, but has yet to confirm his participation. Earlier today, news broke out that TOP will be joining the cast of the Korean adaptation of "Absolute Boyfriend."

However, YG Entertainment was quick to clarify that they have not yet decided to join the production and stated that TOP is looking into the project in a positive light. The representative further added that they will make an official announcement when a final decision has been made for TOP.

Meanwhile, actress Kim Haneul is also in talks to to play the drama's female lead and will be acting alongside TOP if confirmed.

"Absolute Boyfriend" will be based on the popular Japanese comic of the same name. The plot will be about a woman who purchases a robot boyfriend with the characteristics that she wants for man. The comic has already been made into its own series in Japan, which was also adapted into a drama in Taiwan starring Goo Hyesun and Jiro Wang.

This will not be the first time that TOP will appear in the drama, as he had previous participations in the drama "I Am Sam" and "IRIS."

Source: 10Asia

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