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SNSD's Sunny recently revealed her new short haircut. On October 8th, on an online community, a post came up with the title, "Blonde hair short cut Sunny, she looks very charming!" and a photo of her haircut.

There was also a comment stating, "Sunny with her new blonde and short haircut shows a new and charming side of her. Her new short cut shows a new side of her. Although she tried lots of different kinds of styles, this style is the prettiest".

The new photo showed Sunny's short hairstyle with makeup in a smoky style and a seductive look in her eyes. Her bare shoulders are also emphasized with a sexy necklace.

Netizens who saw the photo stated, "New side of Sunny. It has lots of charm," "She looks pretty and cute and sexy," and "No matter what hairstyle she chooses, it looks good on her."

Source: TV Report

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