‘Official couple’ singer Seven and actress Lee Da-hee enjoyed a public date in Paris.

On the 1st, Seven and Lee Da-hae were spotted at Le Marais in Paris enjoying a romantic date.

When OSEN saw the couple in Paris, they were just like other normal couples. The couple visited a hot select shop and picked items for each other.

In September last year, the two officially admitted they were dating and enjoyed public dates. When the two were spotted in Paris, Lee Da-hae called Seven “Jagiya (meaning honey)” and Seven looked at her with a romantic gaze.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae talked about her love story with Seven back in February on tvN ‘Life Bar’. Lee Dae-hae said, “I received so much good energy from him when I was having a hard time, and I became more positive.”


Original article
by Choi Yi-jung

Translated by Audrey Joung