‘Best friends’ Kim Jong-gook and Haha have become ‘business partners’.

The two have recently discussed and concluded that Kim Jong-gook will join Haha’s bbq restaurant business and run together. The restaurant is currently successfully run in three locations in Seoul, and one in Busan.

“The two have much in common and they are best friends. So they have wanted to run business together. The two have officially become business partners acquiring the same shares”, the business’ officials explained.

Celebrating their ‘partnership’, they will be having an event to roast meat themselves for customers in next month.

Kim Jong-gook and Haha are known to be best friends, and Kim Jong-gook is three years older than Haha. Especially the two have been appearing on SBS ‘Running Man’ and they are sharing great experiences and memories as Asia’s stars.

In 2013, the two were co-awarded the same award at SBS ‘Entertainment Awards’, and they have been having a concert tour named ‘Running Man Bros’.


Original article
by Uhm Dong-jin

Translated by Audrey Joung