Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently expressed his stress from not being able to enjoy his private life due to his phone number leak. Cases involving extreme fans who stalk k-pop idols are still at an uncontrollable situation.

Leeteuk uploaded a post on the 1st saying “Please refrain from calling or sending texts at midnight. I think my number got leaked overseas, but I need to leave early for recording for a TV program so please let me sleep. Just do it during the day.”

This is not the first time Leeteuk posted something like this. He had uploaded a similar post on 2012 saying “I’m not even surprised my personal information got leaked. It happens all the time, but I’m never happy about it.”

These so called stalker fans, or ‘sasaeng fans’ in Korean, obsess over Korean idols and engage in stalking or other questionable behavior that constitutes an invasion of privacy. They intrude into the celebrities’ private lives. In the past these obsessive behaviors were considered somewhat normal, but now they are called a ‘crime’ since respect for privacy is a very important factor these days.

But these obsessions are still continuing today. Bigbang’s TOP uploaded a post last year September saying “Fans of China please stop coming to my house. It’s really frightening when the doorbell rings all night. I will need to call the police from now on.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon and Shinee’s Key have also went through a similar case. Key made a post last year saying “Recently I’m getting bombarded with texts and calls but this is really getting out of control.” Taeyeon uploaded a screenshot of all the calls that came all night from stalker fans and said “This doesn’t do any good for all of us.”

GOT7’s Jackson had also experienced a terribly dangerous situation before. He was on his car after finishing his schedule for China when a fan’s car suddenly crashed into his. His injury wasn’t severe but these kinds of behavior of fans are indeed dangerous and a serious problem.

Many celebs are still going through this problem. Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul once said “I was in the bathroom but fans suddenly came in. It was terrifying. ‘Sasaeng fans’ aren’t true fans,” during a TV show.

Fans are also trying to resolve this issue. They also call obsessive behavior a crime, and set certain rules for a ‘normal, healthy’ fan life.

There definitely lies a difference between a ‘fan’ and a ‘sasaeng/stalker fan.’ These stalkers cannot be called true fans. They need to realize that celebrities are also people and have their own private lives, so respect is the key to showing love towards stars.


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Translated by Ellen Kim