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‘Age of Youth Season 2’, which is currently in the pre-production period, has confirmed that the original cast will come back.

According to JTBC ‘Age of Youth 2’ staff, “Among the season 1 actors, Han Ye-ri, Park Eun-bin, Han Seung-yeon, and Park Hye-soo will appear on Season 2. Because Ryu Hwa-young left Belle Epoque in season 1, Ryu will appear occasionally throughout the show.”

The staff also said actor Kim Min-suk’s appearance is almost confirmed. “It is true that he got an offer, and he has been responding positive.”, they said.

In addition, other than Han Ye-ri, Park Eun-bin, Han Seung-yeon, and Park Hye-soo, two other new female characters will appear on season 2. One of the two new characters will move into Belle Epoque and lead the story line with the main characters.


Original article
by Kang Suh-jung

Translated by Audrey Joung