Cho Jin-woong appeared in MBC’s “Let’s Go Video Travel” and revealed that he has lost 40 pounds in his upcoming movie “Bluebeard” all thanks to actor Ha Jung-woo.

He did an interview during the program and explained his reason for choosing this movie saying, “I wanted to see how I would react while portraying the character Seung-hoon.” The upcoming movie “Bluebeard” is a psychological thriller about a man confronting the secret behind the corpse that was found underneath the Han River.

Cho commented on his weight loss saying, “I felt a sense of rivalry when I saw Ha Jung-woo shed a bunch of weight for the movie ‘The Handmaiden.’ Seeing him motivated me to lose weight like him.” He also voiced out his desire to act in romance movies towards movie directors.

“Let’s Go Video Travel” will air on Sunday the 5th at 12:10PM KST, and will also feature the movies “The Eichmann Show,” “Dad is Daughter,” and “Part-Time Spy.”


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Translated by Ellen Kim