Within the past week  girl group Apink and Mina of TWICE have received death threats. Both threats came from fans of the groups who became jealous and enraged by dating rumors.

The death threat of Mina was posted on Ilbe , a notorious online community where users post extreme political commentary and disparaging comments, on June 13. The post, which read ‘I will kill you [Mina] if you don’t  slap your boyfriend and rip out his mouth”, was accompanied by a photo of knife held up to a wrist.

The post was later deleted but screenshots and save images of the comment quickly circulated and reached many online communities. The uproar this created caused the user to post an apology to Mina and TWICE fans explaining that they had not thought carefully before posing the message.

JYP Entertainment, which has been increasing the level of security for their artists over the past year, issued an official response stating that they fully intend to take legal action against the Ilbe user.

Plan A, the entertainment company behind Apink, had a similar response against a fan who called a police station on the evening of June 14 threatening to harm the girl group.

Police units were dispatched to protect the group as an investigation took place to find the caller. Plan A staff took to the social media and the official Apink fancafe to inform fans of the situation and to reassure them of the group’s safety.

The suspected perpetrator later called OSEN to explain why they had made the call in the first place. It was revealed in the conversation that the suspect, a 6-year fan of the girl group, was upset when pictures of the members on what seemed to be blind dates with actor trainees became public.

A message to fans from Apink member Hayoung

The suspect felt betrayed and initially called Plan A to complain but when the suspect received an unsatisfactory answer they contacted the police to make the threat.

Although Plan A entertainment is taking legal actions against the suspect, the suspect has mentioned that they have no plans to turn themselves over to authorities.

Apink is currently preparing for a comeback later this month and TWICE has just made their debut in Japan.

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by Olempia Castillo